10 Ways To Earn Money Online 2021

 Friends, if you want to earn money from your Jio phone online sitting at home, then today this post is going to be very helpful for you because in today's post we will know how to easily make money in Jio phone from whatsapp, from facebook, and from social media. how to earn? How to earn money from games in jio phone? How to earn paytm cash? How to earn money from Jio Phone – 10 Ways 2021

Friends, Jio phone, which if you used to use till now only for calling, running Facebook or watching videos on YouTube. So if you use the same phone in the right way, then you can earn some money too.

Because after the advent of the Internet, many people are earning money online today, so in such a situation, many Jio users search on the Internet, ways to earn money from Jio phone? So this article has been prepared for such users.

Here we have told some ways, using which you can earn money from your Jio phone.

How to earn money from Jio Phone?

social media

Friends, if you use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from your Jio phone, then the good news for you is that from these social media sites also you can earn money from your Jio phone.


Do you know that where crores of people use Facebook only for chatting, hundreds of people also earn online from it! To earn money from Facebook, you must have a popular page or group.

Which should have a large number of followers or members. There are many ways to earn money from such Facebook page or group, such as paid promotion, paid reviews, cross etc.

Also if you have a popular page then it can be sold for 10 to 50,000. So to earn money from your Jio phone, create a Facebook page or group and focus on increasing the followers in it.


Instagram is also a world famous photo sharing site but do you know people who have popular accounts on Instagram which have a lot of followers.

Companies, businesses are ready to buy those accounts for a very high price because there are many ways to earn money from an account with more followers on Instagram.

If you also increase more and more followers in it by creating an Instagram account from Jio phone, then it can be of great benefit in future.

URL Shortener

A site that shortens the size of a link is called a URL shortener site. There are many websites that give money for shortening the URL, in which you share any link by shortening it and if someone clicks on your link, then you earn some money and Url Shortener site gives you money. .

Some popular URL Shortener sites are Linkvertise, Shrink Earn, Adfly etc.

Recharge On Paytm

You can pay your electricity, water etc. bills as well as mobile recharge etc. sitting at home in your Jio phone.

As you know, new Promo Codes, Offers keep coming on Paytm in which you get many discounts. In this way, if you use the right promo code at the time of recharge of yourself and people, then you can save a lot of money i.e. earn money indirectly.

Uploading Video On Youtube

YouTube is a great platform to earn money and name online! So if you use YouTube in your Jio phone, then you can also upload your own videos to YouTube.

And you can earn money from it To earn money on YouTube you must have a channel which should have 1000 and 4000 hours of watch time.

However, if you have a smartphone or computer to create and upload high quality videos to YouTube, then it will be easy for you.


If you want to earn online by asking questions and reading others' questions! So the best website for Jio phone is quora.com, to earn money from this website, you have to be active here regularly and answer the questions asked by others.

When you help others by honestly answering their questions, the quora team will look at your account and invite you to the Quora Partner Program, which will earn you money by answering people's questions after joining. .

However, joining Quora's partner program is not easy. But those who are active here by following Quora's policy, then they get mail from Quora, due to which many people are earning lakhs of rupees from Quora today.

Affiliate Marketing

The commission earned by selling another company's product or service is called Affiliate Marketing! There are many sites on the Internet that give the opportunity of affiliate marketing to the customers.

For example, by joining the Affiliate program of Amazon site, if you promote the products available here with Affiliate link, then the more people buy the product by clicking on your link, the more you get commission and you can earn well.


If you are looking for any online earning website without downloading any app from your Jio phone! So Swagbucks is such a site where you can earn money from jio phone online by doing simple tasks.

So first you have to create your account on swagbucks.com then you have to perform some tasks on the screen like completing surveys, playing online games for which you get points. Which later you can convert into Real Money and take it in your account.

So friends, these were the ways that you can try to earn money online.  If you have any question after reading this post, then tell in the comment and also share the information.

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